Don’t Throw Your Hot Water Tank Away Yet When You Can Have Water Heaters Repair In Noblesville IN Fix It

by | Apr 3, 2024 | HVAC

Prices of many products have recently gone up. Hot water tanks are no exception to this. Water Heaters Repair in Noblesville IN can evaluate your hot water tank and repair problems you’re having for less expense than replacing your hot water tank. Even if you don’t have hot water, it could be something as minor as a heating element or a bad thermostat on the tank. These parts can be replaced by a professional and there is no need to purchase an entirely new tank.

The life of your hot water tank will depend on the quality of water it routinely keeps hot. If your water has a lot of minerals or sediment, these can accumulate in the tank and bind to heating elements or the anode rod in your tank. It is recommended that you flush your hot water tank at least every six months to keep your tank running at peak performance. If your hot water doesn’t stay hot through an entire shower, your heating element needs replaced.

When you have Water Heaters Repair in Noblesville IN, they will make sure you have the proper element replaced. Attempting to place an element that isn’t the correct size and voltage for your tank could lead to devastating consequences. There is also a procedure that needs to be followed when replacing a heating element. If your hot water has developed a smell of burnt hair, your anode rod may have gone bad in your tank. This rod is completely separate from your heating elements and should only be replaced by a professional.

If your tank is leaking water out of the tank, you will need to purchase a new hot water tank. You can receive free estimates for repairs or replacement by a professional plumbing company. Plumbing pipes can be damaged easily by someone who is not experienced in plumbing. Attempting to replace your own hot water tank could lead to leaks in your plumbing system. In addition, gas hot water tanks can leak gas into your home. Improper venting can lead to a poisonous gas entering your home. If you’re in need of hot water repair, contact Legacy Plumbing, Heating and Cooling today.

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