Have a Clog? Call the Plumber in Charleston SC

by | Dec 14, 2020 | Heating and Air Conditioning

If you own a restaurant or other business that has a desperate need for a plumber in Charleston SC, he is just a phone call away. Offering 24/7 emergency service with all jobs where ever you are located in the city, isn’t it time you had an inspection performed on all of your drains, faucets and fixtures?

When you look around your business, do you see corrosion on the pipes, or leaks around them causing a danger of mold in the business place. Mold is definitely a problem resulting from too much humidity and dampness that can be caused by leaks that haven’t repaired. It can cause many health problems for all your workers including yourself, and needs to be contained immediately. Are the faucets and fixtures in your public restrooms screaming for attention? They may be cracked, discolored or rusty, causing an unsightly mess for anyone using the restroom.

Your garbage disposal may need cleared and cleaned of gunk and jams of food. The sinks in your kitchen may be old and need replaced. Call the plumber in Charleston SC and have him go over all problem areas creating a step-by-step plan to get you situated and bring your restaurant drains and fixtures back to a clean, safe and gleaming life again. You already know that when drains are working well, garbage disposals are safe and bathrooms have hot water with clean and repaired fixtures, your business profits will increase because customers will be satisfied customers.

Homeowners also need regular maintenance on sewer lines and indoor plumbing at least once a year. Roots can clog pipes by taking over and not allowing them to drain freely. They may become blocked by objects that have settled inside them causing the drains to work very slowly. When you can pay by most major credit cards, there is no need to wade in water or breathe in the smell of a backed up sewer.

Smoak’s Comfort Control offer plumbing repair services, ranging from fixing leaky faucets, to replacing water heaters, to a complete upgrade of your entire system. Visit www.smoakscomfort.com for more information.

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