The Basics of Sump Pump Installation in Homes With a Basement

by | Dec 10, 2020 | HVAC

If your home has a basement without proper waterproofing, you likely need a sump pump. This device will help you keep your basement dry and safe for years to come. However, before deciding to go forward with sump pump installation in St. Louis, there are some things you need to understand.

Know Your Basement

Before you install a sump pump, you need to perform a careful inspection of your basement. Ideally, you want to do this when it is raining outside. To make the most of this, be sure to eliminate other forms of poor drainage. Clean the home’s gutters and downspouts. Also, be sure that the soil around the home’s foundation slopes downwards. By doing this, you can identify where the problem is occurring inside the basement itself.

Look for the Right Location

To install a sump pump, you have to know where to put it first. To properly perform sump pump installation in St. Louis, you should pick a place near the wall. This is due to the fact that the pump will need to push water out of the basement. It also needs to travel 10 feet at a minimum to properly discharge the fluid.

The Digging Process

Most likely, your basement has a concrete floor. Thus, you will need to do some drilling to make space for the sump pump. It is best to use a jackhammer for sump pump installation in St. Louis. Try to keep the cutting to a minimum to avoid damaging the surrounding concrete. The next step will be to dig out the space needed to install the pump.

Other Steps

There are many more steps to a successful sump pump installation. It is also necessary to line the hole to protect the pump. Furthermore, you will need to seal the sides of the hole with additional concrete. Finally, you can install the pump and check the float and valves. Be sure to test the pump’s functioning at the end before you run it for extended periods of time.

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