How to Tell if Furnace Repair in Minnetonka Will Be Necessary Before Winter Hits

by | Sep 27, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning

With summer drawing to an end, it’s time to prepare for the winter cold. Arguably the most important step to take in doing so is to ensure that a household’s heating system is functioning at optimal levels. It’s a good idea to check furnaces and heating elements and evaluate the need for Furnace Repair in Minnetonka now, well before the first storm hits. A person’s home serves as a sanctuary from the weather, and even a day without heat can be uncomfortable at best and downright dangerous at worst, so pay attention to what the furnace is telling you and take the time to check these common problem areas before issues arise.

Turn the heater on and stand nearby. If it is making strange noises, this may indicate that even if it’s functioning properly right now, serious problems may arise in the near future. Low rumbling sounds are often caused by one of three problems: dirt build up or other system contamination, gas leaks in natural gas heating units, or imminent motor failure. In the case of dirt buildup, the furnace will probably need to be cleaned, and the filter replaced. This doesn’t sound like a big deal, but failure to perform these basic maintenance procedures can lead to more extensive damage down the line.

Gas leaks are far more serious and need to be addressed immediately. Rattling sounds coming from a natural gas heating unit are a very bad sign. They often indicate that cracks are leading to carbon monoxide leaks. Carbon monoxide is a poisonous, and potentially deadly, gas, so this problem must be fixed immediately to ensure residents’ safety. Failing motors are less dangerous but can certainly leave a household in the cold this winter if not addressed. They sometimes emit an unusual humming noise prior to complete failure, so homeowners noticing this sound may want to have the motor checked out before winter hits.

Those who need Furnace Repair in Minnetonka are best off calling in a professional as soon as possible to diagnose and repair any problems they notice. Sabre Heating & Air Conditioning provides maintenance and repair services in addition to full system replacements. Visit the website for home maintenance tips, advice, and information about the products and services they provide.

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