What Measures Will Protect a New Air Conditioning Installation in Islip, NY From Pests?

by | Sep 28, 2016 | Air Conditioning Contractors

It’s great that a system is already chosen for the new Air Conditioning Installation in Islip NY, but there’s another matter than needs to be addressed first. Having an exterminator visit the home and get rid of any pests is important. Once the pests are gone, working with the installation team to ensure certain precautions are put in place will prevent future pests from finding their way into the air conditioning and causing damage. Here are three measures that will serve the homeowner well in the years to come.

Invest in a Cover

Keeping pests out of the main unit is essential if the homeowner wants to get years of use from the new Air Conditioning Installation in Islip NY. The right type of cover creates an effective barrier that prevents pests from crawling into the unit and building a nest or chewing on the wiring. A HVAC professional can recommend covers that include sturdy metal mesh that makes it impossible for rats and other vermin to gnaw through and get to the equipment.

Seal Gaps in the Duct System

While the gap in between two duct sections may seem too small to matter, pests can use them to get into the system and travel all through the house. Along the way, the pests will leave residue that decreases the air quality in the home. There’s also the damage that exposure to waste will cause to the metal duct sections. Sealing those gaps at the time of the system installation will benefit the owner in multiple ways. Browse here for more details.

Buy Mesh Inserts for the Air Vents

Gaps between duct sections aren’t the only point of entry to consider. Pests can also crawl in and out of open vents. Outfit the vent covers with mesh inserts. The metal will not interfere with the air flow, but they will stop pests from being able to set up housekeeping in the duct system.

An expert can provide more ideas about pest proofing the new Air Conditioning Installation in Islip NY. Talk with the contractor at Inter County Mechanical Corp and arrange to put those ideas to good use. In the long run, the system will need fewer repairs and the family members can rest easy knowing they are the only living things in the house.

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