Inspections Performed By A Residential Air Conditioner Contractor In Grand Rapids, MI

by | May 9, 2017 | Air Conditioners

In Michigan, residential property owners are entitled to an inspection under certain conditions. For some, the inspection is conducted through standard service options when an issue arises. However, most homeowners aren’t aware of other conditions that entitle them to these inspections. The following is information about inspections performed by a Residential Air Conditioner Contractor in Grand Rapids MI.

Seasonal Inspections for All Homeowners

Seasonal inspections are performed as a service included in most service contractors. These inspections are performed after the unit is cleaned before the season starts. They determine if there are any issues that could hinder the performance levels of the unit. These inspections don’t present any cost to the homeowner. However, they are required to pay certain fees for the annual contract itself.

Inspections After a Fire

After a fire, an inspection is required for these units. All air conditioning units require refrigerant to produce adequate cool air throughout the property. However, these refrigerants are flammable and combustible. If a fire occurs, it is possible for these excessive temperatures to reach the refrigerant. This can lead to the complete destruction of the unit.

Inspections Needed After a Natural Disaster

Any natural disaster that leads to flooding can also affect the unit. These conditions can lead to rust developments inside the unit itself. They can also lead to health hazards. These hazards often include mildew or mold. They can spread throughout the property quickly.

Inspections Based on Warranty Requirements

Any air conditioning unit that is covered under a warranty is inspected at least once a year. The warranty defines the manufacturer’s requirements for operating the unit. The contractor must review these requirements during an annual inspection. This lowers risks associated with the unit that could affect the property owner negatively.

In Michigan, residential property owners are entitled to inspections according to specific factors. These factors include damage that could have been produced through events covered under a homeowner’s insurance policy. They also apply if the owner has a warrant or existing service contract. Homeowners who need an inspection through a residential air conditioner contractor in Grand Rapids MI can check out our website for more information today.

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