Maintenance Tips After Residential Air Conditioning Installation in La Verne CA

by | Jun 22, 2017 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Central air conditioners installed in residences are made up of two separate units. These are the evaporator and the condenser. The condenser is almost always found on a slab of concrete outside the home. The evaporator is installed above the furnace on what is called the plenum. Each piece of the unit must be kept well-maintained in order for the air conditioner to function at optimum efficiency. Here are some tips on how to keep it in tip-top shape after Residential Air Conditioning Installation in La Verne CA.

• To clean the evaporator, remove the front foil insulation. Most likely it is securely taped. Be careful removing the tape as it will need to be reused later. After the insulation is removed, the access plate will be visible. Remove the screws that hold the plate in place and then remove the plate. Use a stiff wire brush to clean the plate of all debris. The unit may be moved to clean if access is a problem. Just make sure not to bend any of the pipes coming from the unit. After the plate is cleaned, dispose of any water that has collected in the condensation tray. A gentle bleach and water solution may be applied to prevent fungus growth. After these steps are completed, replace tray and plate and the cleaning is done.

• To maintain the condenser, first check for weed and grass growth around the unit. Grass that is too high or weeds that have grown out of control may result in the blockage of airflow. The condenser coil should be cleaned with any personally preferred commercially available coil cleaner. Scrub away any debris from the fins by using a soft brush. Be very careful while cleaning the fins as they are made from very lightweight aluminum and can be easily damaged.

This is all it takes to keep a clean and healthy unit after a Residential Air Conditioning Installation in La Verne CA. They can answer any questions one may have.

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