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Common Conditions That Require AC Repairs In Naples, FL

In Florida, homeowners identify common conditions that could affect their air conditioning systems. These conditions may require repairs only and won’t lead to high costs. However, in some instances, it is possible that they could be signs of major problems that warrant replacement. The following are common conditions that require AC repairs in Naples, FL.

Inadequate Cool Air Production

If the system isn’t producing adequate cool air, the most common reason is related to refrigerant levels. If these levels are too low, they won’t produce enough cool air to distribute throughout the property. This will leave the homeowner in uncomfortable temperatures. A contractor who is certified in handling these gases can charge the system and increase cool air production.

Frozen Condenser Coils

If the condenser coils are frozen, this could be a clear indication of low refrigerant levels as well. However, it can also present the probability of a refrigerant leak as well. The contractor will review these conditions before they charge the unit. If a leak is present, they must follow all necessary measures to correct it. These leaks are a violation of EPA regulations.

Inadequate Temperature Readings

If the system runs incessantly, there is a high probability that the thermostat is defective. If the thermostat isn’t reading the room temperature correctly, the system will engage when it isn’t supposed to and produce higher energy costs. The thermostat must be replaced under these conditions. The homeowner will also need to determine if there are other conditions that are leading to these issues such as broken windows or defective insulation.

Reduction of Air Quality

An increase in dust inside the property is a clear indication that the filtration system isn’t working. In these instances, the ventilation system could be clogged with debris or other particles. If the filter isn’t changed properly, these particles will reduce air quality.

In Florida, homeowners identify common occurrences that could indicate air conditioning issues. These issues could require minor repairs to remedy them. However, if they aren’t managed quickly, they can lead to more serious complications. Homeowners who need AC repairs in Naples, FL can visit the website for further details.