Plumbers Help Customers With the Goal of Adding a Shower to a Bathtub

by | May 8, 2020 | Air Conditioning Contractors

Many older homes were built with a bathtub in the bathroom but no shower. Today, most people expect to have a shower in their homes and don’t want to take a bath every day. Rigging up a shower head and hose to the spigot is a common solution. However, some homeowners would rather have a more permanent fixture installed by a company providing plumbing contractors in St Louis.

A Brief History of Residential Showers

Bathtubs were common in residences by the late 1800s, but showers did not become prevalent until the mid-1900s. Even in the 1960s, new houses might be constructed without these features. Many men and women who were children in the 1920s and 1930s had spent at least part of their youth without the luxury of indoor plumbing. A combination of bathtub and shower would not necessarily have seemed essential to them.

A Complicated Project

Companies offering plumbing services in St. Louis can send a skilled individual to complete this project, which will take at least several hours and a full workday. Installing a real shower in a bathtub that does not have one is a complicated project. The plumber must dismantle part of the wall to reach the pipes. A valve must be replaced if the plumbing does not include an outlet for a shower. This is typical in older homes.

The project of adding a permanent shower fixture to a bathtub can be completed by a plumber with Classic Aire Care when the homeowner is ready to schedule this work.

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