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Potential Advantages of Using Whole-Home Water Filtration in Charleston, SC Instead of Bottled Waters

Drinking water is one of the healthiest things a person can do, but it’s important that this water is clean and safe. Water filtration devices can help with this. There are a number of advantages to installing Whole Home Water Filtration in Charleston SC.

Safe, Delicious Water

Water that’s high in certain minerals, such as sulphur and iron, may not be as pleasant to the taste for some people, and other minerals, including magnesium and calcium, may also make it, so more buildup occurs in pipes, sinks, tubs and on dishes and clothes. A filter will also remove many of the contaminants that can make water unsafe when present in high amounts. This is particularly important when it comes to well water, as city water has been treated to minimize these already. It can also be good for people who have municipal water, however, as the filters can get rid of the excess chlorine and other chemicals used by the city to minimize the dangerous contaminants. There can be pharmaceutical residues in the water as well. This is a growing problem, and not all of the municipal water sources or filters will remove all of these chemicals.

Saves Money

Using Whole Home Water Filtration in Charleston SC can mean saving money if the other alternative is to purchase bottled water. There’s still the cost of the filters, which need to be replaced every six months to five years, depending on the system, and these tend to range in price from about $40 to $120 each, which is a lot less than it would cost to supply a family with enough bottled water for that same amount of time.

More Environmentally Friendly

About three-fourths of all water bottles purchased end up in the trash instead of the recycling, which is very bad for the environment. Producing all the 50 billion water bottles used each year in the United States is also very energy and resource intensive. With a water filtration system, a homeowner can get all the safe, filtered water they desire with a minimal use of resources after the initial purchase.

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