The Importance of Residential Repair and Replacement Heating Services in Chesterfield MO

by | Jun 6, 2016 | HVAC Contractor

Residential heating and air conditioning constitute nearly 50 percent of a home’s energy use on average nationwide, and Missouri statistics are close to that national average. Although winters are relatively mild in Missouri, a furnace or another reliable source of heat is still essential much of the year when temperatures dip below the comfort zone. Heating Services in Chesterfield MO keep the system in good working order through routine maintenance, and get the furnace up and running again when it malfunctions.

Delaying furnace repair can cause bigger problems, as can delaying replacement of the furnace when the time has come. People who decide to run electric space heaters may wind up with a much bigger utility bill than they would have received if they’d had the furnace fixed promptly since electricity as the main source of heat tends to be expensive. Trying to make a furnace keep going after a technician has advised replacement can lead to carbon monoxide accumulating in the building. In fact, carbon monoxide buildup from malfunctioning furnaces is known to cause one or two fatalities each year in Missouri. Every residence with a running furnace should have a carbon monoxide detector, and the furnace should be inspected annually by a service such as Courtney’s Heating & Cooling for problems. The technician will clean the furnace at this time as well.

A person who provides professional Heating Services in Chesterfield MO can recommend shutting down the appliance altogether if he or she determines it to be a health issue. Heating companies and utility services call this “red-tagging.” A cracked heat exchanger, for instance, can leak dangerous amounts of carbon monoxide into the house. Regulations regarding who can legally shut down a furnace are complex and vary by location. In some cases, only the utility company is allowed to do so. Even if a heating technician is not allowed to red-tag the appliance, this individual will make it very clear to the property owner that something must be done. People who cannot afford a new furnace because of their low income may be able to receive assistance for this home improvement project.

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