Service Contracts for Heating And Air in Derby, KS: Are They Necessary?

by | Sep 28, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Some homeowners see no reason to maintain service contracts for their residential heating and cooling systems. The rationale is that it’s easier to save up money and take care of any repairs as they become necessary. In fact, a service contract for Heating And Air in Derby KS comes in handy for a number of reasons. Here are some examples to keep in mind.

Discounted Rates for Filters

All systems for heating and air in Derby KS require filter changes on a recurring basis. It’s not unusual for a provider to include a discount if those filters are supplied under the terms of a service agreement. While the savings is modest, the homeowner does not have to spend time finding the filters, bringing them home, and handling the replacement. The terms of the agreement are likely to cover the delivery and installation.

Free Service Calls

When a system malfunctions, it’s not always a major problem. Even so, there is the matter of paying for the service call. Many agreements allow customers to enjoy a limited number of free service calls per calendar year. This one feature is often enough to justify the annual contract fee.

Discounts on Parts and Labor

When any type of major repair is necessary, the service contract terms can save the homeowner a lot of money. That’s because of the provisions for applying a discount of some type to the purchase of each part. That may not seem like a big deal when the part only costs a small amount in the first place. The value become apparent when a major component needs replacing.

Remember that the discounts also apply to the labor. Even if the labor discount is only ten percent, think of what that will mean if it takes several hours to remove the old component and install the new one.

Having a service agreement in place is one of the smartest things that a homeowner can do. Click here and learn more about the benefits included in these types of contracts. It won’t take long to see the wisdom of contacting a local HVAC professional and locking in a service agreement.

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