Should You Outsource Your HVAC Maintenance in Everett?

by | Feb 18, 2019 | HVAC Contractor

Maintaining a commercial or industrial heating and cooling system involves a lot of work. Many companies employ full-time staff just to make sure they have few HVAC problems. However, you can greatly increase company efficiency when you outsource your HVAC maintenance in Everett WA to a company like MacDonald-Miller Facility Solutions. Here are some important reasons to consider this strategy.

Fewer Employees on the Payroll

When you have full-time heating and cooling maintenance people you must pay them for eight hours each day. However, with an outsourced HVAC maintenance service in Everett, you only pay for services when you need them. They come to your place of business and take care or routine maintenance and repairs on schedule or when you call them.

Fewer Employee Expenses

The people maintaining your cooling and heating system are not your employees. You do not pay them for vacations and holidays. You do not provide health care insurance and workman compensation benefits. If someone calls in sick, it is not your concern as your outsourced company takes care of things like absenteeism. You save both time and money.


In-house maintenance staff needs special training for the job. They may occasionally need continuing education classes, and this is another business expense you must pay. If you choose to outsource your HVAC maintenance staff in Everett, you do not have any costs or lost time due to training. They are fully trained for the job.


How many years of experience do your heating and cooling maintenance people have? If you hire experienced help, you must pay them top wages. However, with outsourcing, you only pay for the services, and they provide some of the most experienced heating and cooling professionals for the job. Contact your outsourced maintenance company today for more details. They can show you how to increase efficiency.

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