Will Your Tiny House Need HVAC Repair in Austin, TX?

by | Feb 14, 2019 | Heating and Air Conditioning

There’s been a new trend spreading like wildfire. No, it’s not a new hairstyle or a new brand of shoe. It’s tiny homes! Saving money has never been out of style, but owning a home isn’t the cheapest way to go sometimes, unless you own a tiny home.

Tiny homes have become the new rage, not just because of their quaintness, but the owners forcibly have to downsize their lifestyles and can save heaps of cash. This even applies to the cost of HVAC repair in Austin, TX. In fact, here are some HVAC tips for tiny homes to avoid needing regular heating and cooling repair.

Learn About Tiny House HVAC Ducts

While looking into purchasing a tiny house, it’s important to get to know the space and if it allows for a duct system. As the space may be much smaller, tiny homeowners can save by downgrading the duct system to one that is suitable for mobile homes. In turn, tiny homes deliver a space savings because these smaller ducts are designed to leave a smaller footprint.

Tiny Homes That Need a Mini Split

Perhaps a particular tiny home doesn’t have the space or capacity for an HVAC duct; there’s another solution available. Mini split heating and air conditioning systems are a great alternative for a tiny home’s heating and cooling problem. These are beneficial because they only use a small air handling unit that’s typically mounted on a wall or ceiling, saving space. More than one unit can be installed, depending on the dynamic of the tiny home. However after mini splits are installed, it’s still important to maintain them to avoid HVAC repair in Austin, TX.

Portable Solutions for Tiny Homes

There is still another option for tiny homeowners: portable heaters and coolers. It’s best to consider a heating or cooling unit that’s created for the square footage of the tiny home in order to best service the home. This can be challenging because portable heating units are typically small and some air conditioning units are a bit larger. The real challenge is storage when it comes to seasonal changes. However, these portable solutions can help tiny homeowners avoid HVAC repair in Austin, TX, altogether.

Owning a home is one venture; buying a tiny home is another. However, it can save lots of money, especially when it comes to HVAC repair in Austin, TX. Visit this website to learn more.

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