Signs of the Need for Water Heater Repair Service in Glendale, AZ

by | Apr 12, 2018 | Air Conditioners

When families rely on a water heater for comfortable showers and baths, a sudden malfunction can put them in a difficult position. Just as with other home appliances, water heaters have finite lifespans. Even with occasional Water Heater Repair Service in Glendale AZ, replacement may be the only option in some cases. Below are several signs of the need for a water heater replacement.

It’s More than Ten Years Old

A water heater’s lifespan may range from eight years to more than 20, but most start to deteriorate after roughly ten years of use. In some instances, small issues may be resolved without too much money and time spent, but most problems get worse with time. If an older unit is starting to be troublesome, call a local provider for repairs, replacement, and inspection.

No Hot Water

If there’s an insufficient amount of hot water, or if temps are lower than average, there’s likely a problem. Schedule an evaluation right away because cold or lukewarm water may indicate a problem with the heating element, thermostat, or other parts. However, if the issue is because of increased hot water usage, consider replacing the current unit with a larger one.

Visible Damage

Even the best appliances will suffer from corrosion and rust after several years of daily use, and a tech will check the outside of the unit for damage. During Water Heater Repair Service in Glendale AZ, the tech will also inspect the temperature and pressure valves, water inlet and outlet, and the wall behind the unit for signs of water damage. Minor issues can be patched, but if the deterioration is widespread, the unit must be replaced.


If water leaks from the unit, check to ensure that the outlet and inlet connections are sealed. If the leak comes from the tank, there’s no real way to repair it. Shut off the water and power supplies to the unit and call a professional right away.

Proper maintenance and occasional repairs may help units last longer and keep energy spending low. Therefore, homeowners should set up a maintenance schedule with Arctic Fox Air Conditioning & Heating as soon as possible. Visit the website for more info or call to schedule an appointment. Follow us on Twitter.

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