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Signs That It’s Time for Heating System Installation in Fountain CO

While winter seems far away right now, it’s just around the corner. To ensure that homeowners continue to enjoy the comfort of a functional heating system while getting the most out of its serviceable lifespan, regular maintenance and occasional repairs are necessary. Below are some of the most common signs that a furnace needs repair.

Higher Energy Bills

Regardless of whether a home uses a gas or electric furnace, higher energy bills indicate a decline in the unit’s performance. While a one-time rise could be a glitch, if bills continue to be higher than normal, homeowners should contact an HVAC repair specialist as soon as possible.

Strange Noises

If a person has owned a home for a long time, they should be familiar with how furnaces normally sound. If a homeowner hears any strange sounds, it likely indicates a mechanical issue. From high-pitched whining noises to banging sounds, any form of odd noise is a reason to call a specialist for an evaluation and possible repairs or heating system installation in Fountain CO.

A Yellowish Pilot Light

In homes with gas furnaces, a yellowish pilot light means that the gas combination is off and that it is producing dangerous carbon monoxide, which can be harmful or fatal. When the balance of gases is correct, the pilot light should be blue. If the color of the pilot light is not what it should be, call for service right away.

The Smell of Gas

When the smell of gas is strong in the home, it is a cause for immediate concern. Gas leaks can cause serious damage to a property and they can harm the family. If the homeowners smell gas, they should turn the furnace off and call for emergency service.

The Unit’s Age

This isn’t a sign as much as it is a rule. Every furnace has a projected service life that depends on the manufacturer, the model and other factors if a unit is nearing the end of its useful lifespan, it will need more frequent service.

If a homeowner encounters any of the above symptoms while using the furnace, they should call a heating and cooling repair service for Heating System Installation in Fountain CO. Call the company or visit website to learn about the services they offer.