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Signs that Service is Needed for Heat Pumps in Fort Collins CO

There is no question that Heat Pumps Fort Collins CO are a great option for comfort all year long. They can handle any heat level with their impressive cooling power and the heating is also effective. However, heat pumps are only as good as the state of repair that it is in. If there are any issues with the heat pump, it is essential to seek professional repairs. Some of the most common signs that this repair is needed can be found here.

Ice on the Coils

If a homeowner starts to find ice on the coil that is serving as the evaporating coil then the heat pump may have one of two problems. There may be a refrigerant leak, which means that repairs will be needed to find and then seal the leak, then the system will have to be recharged with refrigerant. Another possibility is that the coil is too dirty to allow proper heat absorption. This means that the coil needs to be cleaned. If the ice is just scraped off, it is likely going to return.

Clicking or Grinding Noises Coming from the Unit

If strange sounds are coming from the heat pumps fort in Collins, CO then there may be an issue present. A clicking sound is typically a sign that one of the capacitors is about to fail. If grinding is heard, then it may mean that the motor has lost some of its lubrication and gotten dirty, which means it will soon completely burn out.

The System is Stuck in a Single Mode

If the heat pump is unable to heat or cool, then the issue is likely going to be with the reversing valve. This is the valve that allows the refrigerant in the system to move the other direction, which is what lets it change from cooling to heating.

More information about heat pump services and signs it is time to call a professional for repair can be found by contacting the professionals from Advanced Comfort. Here anyone can get the service they need to ensure their heat pump continues operating efficiently. Calling for service at the first signs of a problem will help save time and money.