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Tips for Properly Maintaining Your Heat Pump in Rehoboth Beach, DE

A heat pump will typically last around sixteen years, depending on how well it is maintained. Homeowners can dramatically prolong the life of their heat pump simply by performing routine maintenance tasks and having their system checked on a regular basis. Failure to maintain a heat pump system will cause frequent breakdowns that increase the cost of repairs. With this information, homeowners will know the steps they need to take to properly care for their Heat Pump in Rehoboth Beach DE.

The proper steps for maintaining a heat pump include:

  • One of the most important steps in maintaining a heat pump is making sure the filters are changed on a regular basis. Many homeowners end up overlooking this important step, and doing so will cause poor operation and eventual problems with the system. Ideally, filters should be changed once a month, or more frequently if they become dirty.
  • During operation, it is important to avoid having the auxiliary heat come on as this costs more to run and can place a strain on the heat pump. It is also important homeowners avoid constantly operating the fan on the system. Homeowners should set their fan system to auto to avoid causing strain.
  • When the outdoor coils of the system become dirty, the system comes under an increased load. Dirty coils and fans can greatly diminish the air output of the heat pump and cause it to have to work harder to warm the air. These can be cleaned with fairly little effort and can make a big difference in performance.
  • It is important homeowners remove any weeds, grass, or bushes that might be clogging the system and reducing the air flow. Homeowners should also check to make sure no fins are bent. A special fin comb can restore the fins to their proper state.

Aside from these maintenance chores, one also needs to hire a professional to come out for an inspection and maintenance once a year. They can perform a lot of maintenance tasks the average homeowner cannot. If you are in need of maintenance or repair for your Heat Pump in Rehoboth Beach DE, visit website right away. They are the professionals you can rely on.

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