Steps to Keep A Cooling Unit from Needing AC Service in Derby, KS

by | May 25, 2017 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Constant cleaning and maintenance of a cooling unit are guaranteed to both extend the working lifespan of the unit as well as save money on costs and unnecessary replacements. A cooling unit requires constant attention for it to operate optimally. The following are a few tips on the cleaning and maintenance of a cooling unit. It should be noted that they work best when done before the commencement of the cooling season. These tips should prevent a cooling unit from needing repairs from an AC Service in Derby KS.

Before commencing any work that requires interaction with electricity or an electric appliance, it is recommended that the appliance is shut down. This prevents the possibility of an electrical shock or unintended damage to its components. The breaker must be turned off. Also, the exterior shut-off box, which is close to the exterior compressor, should be shut down.

The dirt and debris inside the cooling unit must be cleared. A screwdriver or wrench should be used to unscrew or remove the fan cage found on the exterior compressor. A wet/dry vacuum cleaner can now be used to clear any dirt found inside.

The fins should also be cleaned. The fins can be sprayed with a garden hose to remove all the debris or dirt that has built up between them. In the event the fins are very dirty, use an effective fin cleaning spray. Care must be taken when cleaning so as not to bend the fins. But, if they are already bent, a butter knife or another fin straightening tool can be used to straighten them out. This is important because bent fins cause a reduction in the flow of air, which reduces the efficiency of the cooling unit. Replace the fan cage after cleaning and cut back any vegetation around the unit. Remove all debris and ensure the area around the condenser has an unobstructed supply of air.

Though these steps will guarantee that a cooling unit functions properly, issues may come up which requires expert and professional help. Schedule an appointment with Kelley and Dawson Service if there is need for an AC service in Derby, KS.

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