Tips to Help Maintain Your Home’s Air Conditioner

by | Apr 11, 2019 | Heating and Air Conditioning

With warmer weather on the horizon, it’s time to switch from heat to air conditioning. You’ll want your system to be in peak condition when June, July and August roll around. Air conditioning services in Macon, GA can help repair your system when damage occurs, but there are things you can do to maintain your AC and minimize the need for expensive repairs. What should you know about maintaining your home’s air conditioner?

Invest in Annual Maintenance

First, if you want to take a hands-off approach to almost all of your AC-related maintenance, consider signing a contract with one of the reputable air conditioning services in Macon, GA for annual service. The company will come to your home twice a year, inspect the inside and outside portions of your system, clean them, replace your filter, check the level of refrigerant, and more. It’s hands-down the best way to avoid costly and unexpected repair bills.


Whether you choose to work with air conditioning services in Macon, GA or go the DIY route, you’ll need to change your filters regularly. Ideally, you should change your filter once every three to four months, but if you have pets, live in a dusty area, or have family members with allergies, you may need to change it more frequently. Invest in a good quality filter to improve indoor air quality.

Inspect the Outdoor Unit

Take the time every week or so to inspect the outdoor unit of your system. Growth of grass and weeds, blown leaves, sticks and twigs, can all build up around or even on the unit, decreasing the system’s efficiency and increasing its workload, leading to more wear and tear, and an increased chance of a costly breakdown.

Clean the Condenser

You should periodically rinse the outdoor condenser unit with your garden hose. Dust, dirt, pollen and debris can build up on the fins, restricting the flow of air and reducing your system’s ability to cool. Simply rinse the condenser unit’s fins by moving the water hose from top to bottom.

There you have them – a few simple tips to help you maintain your AC system. However, understand that all air conditioners will eventually need professional attention. The best option is to work with air conditioning services in Macon, GA to ensure that you have annual inspections to head those problems off before they become too costly. Get in touch with Hammond Services for all your AC maintenance and repair needs by calling 770-227-5325.

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