A Brief History of Heating in the United States and How That Relates to Oil Furnace Installation in Cranberry PA

by | Apr 11, 2019 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Before the 1930s, people in the United States generally heated their homes with one of two substances: wood or coal. Around this time, homeowners who were able to afford a newer option typically made the switch to an oil furnace. Oil was significantly cleaner than coal for residential heating. An oil furnace provided whole-house heat and great convenience compared to wood. In the 21st Century, many homeowners still choose oil furnace installation in Cranberry PA instead of other options.

Wood and Coal

Residential heating with wood mainly was done with fireplaces, although this type of heat is very inefficient. A fireplace can barely heat one room, and most of the warmth goes up the chimney. When homeowners started burning coal, they did so in coal furnaces and smaller stoves that could provide extra warmth to specific rooms.

Coal and wood had to be delivered to most homes, although people living on wooded land or who had permission to access others’ woods could provide their own fuel by chopping and hauling. Larger houses used enormous amounts of these materials, providing further inconvenience in the matter of having to safely store the bulky objects. Oil was a welcome change.

Natural Gas

As natural gas became widely available, most homeowners switched to that fuel. They preferred the convenience of not having to schedule oil delivery and making decisions about suppliers. In New England, installing gas pipelines was difficult in many places because of the land’s geology, so residents continued to use oil.

Continuing to Use Oil

Even now, when they have the option to change to natural gas, many still opt for oil furnace installation in Cranberry PA when it’s finally time to have the old appliance replaced. They feel they have more control over the situation because they can decide on their fuel supplier instead of having only one choice for gas.

They can have the work done by a company such as A Comfort Service. Although natural gas companies predicted long ago that nobody would be using oil for hat anymore by the 21st Century, they have been proven wrong in that regard. Visit us online to get started.

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