What To Look For When Calling A Contractor For Commercial AC Repair

by | Aug 25, 2016 | AC Repair

In a home, the homeowner might not be in particular a hurry to get his or her HVAC looked at, depending on the climate, and how soon it will become uncomfortable in the home. In a commercial setting, this option is typically not available. HVAC requirements in a commercial setting are usually a necessity, both for the employees and the equipment. Thus, whether it is the heating or the air conditioning, the commercial enterprise will want to call a professional technician. If there is a breakdown in the commercial HVAC, and the company needs AC Repair, there should be some certain requirements of any contractor that will be called for repair.

     *     Call only those contractors that have the proper license to operate in your state. Also, ensure that the contractor meets the insurance requirements for that state. This is to protect your business from losing money in case the contractor is not properly insured.

     *     Ensure that the contractor called upon offers extended warranties. This will demonstrate that the contractor is confident in the ability to the do the work right, or stand by any work that doesn’t last as it should.

     *     Find out if the HVAC contractors called are members of the Better Business Bureau, or have had complaints lodged against them.

     *     Choose an HVAC contractor that offers flexibility in the schedule to work with your company. This is particularly necessary when an emergency arises, and a repair technician is needed immediately.

     *     The best thing a company can do to preserve its HVAC department and services is to have an HVAC contractor regularly service the heating and air conditioning. In this way, the preventative maintenance process will help to keep all the equipment operating.

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