When Do You Need AC Repair in Savannah, GA?

by | Jan 6, 2022 | Air Conditioners

To combat the heat of summer, your AC needs to be in good working condition. However, if you don’t get regular maintenance done on your AC, it can become damaged and may not work properly when needed. So, before summer arrives, you should look up AC repair near me to find a reliable contractor. However, if you are not certain when to call a professional for AC repair, this guide can help.

Reduced Pressure

If your AC unit is blowing air with little to no pressure, the problem could be an uncleaned filter. But if you have cleaned the filter and the problem is still there, then it is time to get AC repair in Savannah, GA, by calling in a professional. The issue could be something serious and would be impossible to fix yourself, so, if simple troubleshooting doesn’t work, you should turn to an expert.

Ice Build-up

If there’s an ice build-up in your AC, it could indicate the poor working of your fan. Ice build-up could also be caused by a coolant problem. Whether the problem is caused by the fan or the coolant, you will need to get professional AC repair in Savannah, GA, to get it fixed. Once you call in an HVAC professional, they will inspect the AC unit and tell you the cause of the problem and the possible fix. In some cases, your AC unit may also need a new part for the repair. The HVAC professional will go ahead with the repair once you give them your approval.

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