4 Signs That a Heat Pump in Lewes DE is Failing

by | Sep 12, 2017 | HVAC

A Heat Pump in Lewes DE can provide comfort all year long, regardless of the outside temperature. However, it’s only as good as the condition it’s in. When a home’s heat pump shows signs of trouble, it’s important to get repairs done as soon as possible. Below are a few signs that a residential heat pump needs attention.

Ice on the Coils

If a homeowner notices ice along the evaporating coil, which could be the indoor or the outdoor coil depending on the mode, the heat pump could have a couple of different problems. There could be a refrigerant leak, or the coil may be too dirty to allow heat absorption. In either case, a technician can seal the leak or clean the coil.

Clicking, Grinding, or Squealing Noises From the Casing

When a heat pump makes odd or loud noises, it’s rarely a good sign. The two most frequently heard noises are grinding and clicking, but squealing may also occur. Clicking typically indicates that a capacitor is about to fail. Grinding noises usually show that the motor has lost its lubrication, or it’s become dirty and will soon fail. In either case, the homeowner should call an HVAC tech to replace the failing parts.

The Pump Stays Stuck in a Single Mode

If a home’s heat pump refuses to heat or cool, the issue likely lies in the reversing valve. This part allows refrigerant to reverse its flow, switching the heat pump from cooling to heating mode. If the valve quits working, the unit will stay in one mode or the other. Call a technician to have the faulty valve replaced.

Professional Repairs are Necessary

A home Heat Pump in Lewes DE is a complex device that requires various systems, such as compressors, air handlers, refrigerant loops, thermostats, and motors to work correctly. Without special training and tools, it is impossible to perform proper repairs. A DIY repair is likely to do more harm than good, and most result in costly fixes. Instead of trying a DIY strategy, homeowners should call a local HVAC repair company or visit us at website.

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