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by | Feb 3, 2016 | HVAC

The HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system is arguably the most common method of treating air in the US and one reason for this is sheer convenience. This is true because this appliance uses a single control for all the air in the home. Unfortunately, it also uses a single system to generate that treated air which means extra effort is required to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the building. Luckily, most of this complexity is invisible to the user, at least until something breaks and they try to tinker with the system. This could be a costly mistake because one wrong move could make Heating And Air Conditioning Repair in Birmingham much more difficult and even more expensive.

The typical HVAC system functions by compressing a chemical refrigerant in the condensing unit and cycling it through the evaporator coil located inside the home. This coil helps spread the chill because the air that moves through it is able to create cool air from the chilled metal of the coil. Contrast this with the hot coil on the condenser side and it is easy to see how the AC moves heat.

The furnace is a different story and the way it works will depend on the type of system in use. For instance, if the unit is all electric, then electrical resistance will create the required heat. In the case of gas burning appliances, the property owner can opt for either natural gas or propane, depending on what’s available in their area. It is important to realize that the appliance can only be adapted for one specific type of gas at a time and changing the type of gas that it burns will require a special nozzle to restrict the flow properly. Thankfully, an expert in comfort systems can handle this type of Heating And Air Conditioning Repair in Birmingham.

Most homeowners are always looking for better ways to do things and heating or cooling the home is no different. One alternative for this task is the split or ductless appliance. Like the HVAC, this system can be used all year long. Simply reverse the flow of refrigerant and the system will become a heater. Repairs may still be a concern. But it is possible to increase the life of this appliance by varying the use of the different blowers. Click this link to get more information.

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