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Gas or Electric Furnace Installation, Choose One in Chicago

If you are ready to buy a new furnace for your Chicago home, you technically have two choices: gas or electric. There are differences between them, so before you start any furnace installation, you should consider the following:

The Cost

If you are on a budget, you might be thinking about the cost of the furnace. Initially, an electric furnace is going to be cheaper to buy and install. However, the long-term cost of an electric furnace is probably going to be more expensive. So, you have to consider what you have now and what you can pay in the future.


Another thing to consider is safely. An electric furnace is safer in most cases. Gas furnaces do have a few risks, including the small chance of an explosion and the possibility of a carbon monoxide leak. These risks are very minimal, but you should keep them in mind and talk about your concerns with a professional. They can help you understand more about these risks.


An electric furnace is quite inexpensive to maintain. In fact, you rarely have to worry about it. A gas furnace, on the other hand, must be maintained annually to work efficiently. This involves hiring a professional to check for things like leaks, holes, or other potential issues. Though it’s not a huge cost, it is a consideration if you are on a budget.

As you can see, an electric furnace is probably cheaper to buy and easier to run, but it is not as powerful as a gas furnace, which should be a concern in the Chicagoland area. A gas furnace is also more affordable to run over the long run.

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