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How to Get Ready for a New Water Heater Installation

Now that a replacement for the old water heater is chosen, there is the matter of getting things ready for the installation. While it is true that a professional will handle most of the details surrounding the Water Heater Installation, there are things the homeowner can do to make things easier. Here are some examples.

Clearing Paths

As part of the process for the Water Heater Installation, the professional will need to disconnect the old unit and get it out of the house before the new one is brought into the home. To keep things simpler, make sure there is an unobstructed path from an outside door to the heater location. This may mean moving furniture, rolling up area rugs for temporary storage, or otherwise rearranging a few things. The effort will be worth it when the old unit is hauled out without scraping any walls, and the new one is brought inside with equal ease.

Room to Work

Whether the heater is destined for connection along a basement wall or inside a cabinet, make sure the professional has plenty of room to work. That means space set aside to lay out tools, so they are within easy reach. When the plumber does not have to stop in the middle of a task to walk several feet over and grab another tool, everyone wins.

No Over-the-Shoulder Action

Rest assured the professional knows how to install a new water heater. There is no need to stand there watching every move. Instead, find something to do in another part of the house. Stay close enough for the plumber to call out if needed, but far enough for the professional to work in peace.

Contain the Pets

The family dog wants to play with the plumber, but there is no time for that. If the weather is nice, the dog can spend some time running around or taking a nap in the back yard. If the temperature is dropping, confine the pet to the family room along with some treats and toys. Remember to go in every now and then and see how the pet is doing. That will help the time pass for everyone involved.

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