Installing Underground Pipes for Geothermal HVAC in Omaha NE?

by | Jun 30, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning

An increasingly attractive alternative to most central air, HVAC, and conventional heat pump systems is the geothermal heat pump. Put simply, a geothermal heat pump or HVAC system relies upon the heat storage of the ground upon which your home sits to perform its function of heating in winter and cooling in summer.

The principle is remarkably simple to understand. The ground essentially is a natural heat-sink. It usually maintains a constant year-round temperature of about 55 F. A geothermal heat pump system runs a water circulation loop into the ground. During the summer, the heat pump is used to extract heat from the interior spaces to be “stored” in the ground. In winter, this function works in reverse: circulating water through the piping to carry heat from the ground and into the house. And all the machinery is internal and smaller than a standard air system compressor. Geothermal heat pumps operate with great thermal transfer efficiency, resulting in a savings of 40% or slightly greater on the electricity bill year-round, which more than offsets the cost of the system itself over the long term.

At the core of the system is the underground piping used for the heat transfer. Installing Underground Pipes in Omaha NE is in and of itself a matter of excavation work on the property. Once the thermal transfer loop is hooked into the heat pump, the buried piping should last for 30-50 years. But the exact nature of the installation will depend on upon a number of factors which include the topology, hydrology, and available space on the property.

The experts at Accurate Heating & Cooling can evaluate the ground to determine the best design which will fit the given conditions of a property before proceeding with any excavation work. The Ground which is rocky may require a level pipe installation. The depth of the water table is another important factor for consideration which will affect the ultimate design of the thermal loop. In any case, the technicians will be able to read the ground they’re about to work upon and derive the best solution for the job at hand.

So when it comes to installing Underground Pipes in Omaha NE for that new geothermal heat pump, depend on upon the air and cooling technicians with the right experience for the work. For more information, check out the website at before making any decision, and arrange for a consultation today.

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