Signs You Should Schedule HVAC System Maintenance

by | Feb 14, 2022 | Air Conditioners

It is common for homeowners to ignore their heating and cooling systems until they stop working. Regular maintenance is crucial for a functional, energy-efficient HVAC system. You can conduct an annual tune-up twice every year—one for cooling and the other for heating. Doing this helps you enjoy indoor comfort year after year. However, if you have lost track of your tune-up date, a few indicators show you should schedule maintenance.

Unexpected Rise in Energy Bills

Anytime you use an HVAC system, a high energy bill is pretty normal. This is typical for summer or mid-winter seasons that call for more cooling and heating, respectively. However, if you realize the energy costs are unusually high, something could be wrong with your system.

Minimized Airflow

When you switch on the air conditioner and notice a reduction in airflow, get in contact with a cooling service to schedule a tune-up. Minimized airflow may arise from problems with your AC. Contact a professional in Cary, NC to check and diagnose the system correctly. It could be a blocked filter or a non-functional fan. These can easily be repaired to get the AC back.

Unusual AC and Heater Noises

Any unusual noises should not be ignored, whether from the air conditioner or heater. If the noises are louder, they may signify a bigger problem. Address these noises early on before leading to a major breakdown and costly cooling service repairs—schedule system maintenance before it gets too late.

Frequent HVAC Problems and Repairs

Before heating and cooling systems completely break down, they may start to malfunction more frequently than before. You will begin fixing them here and there only for them to work for a short time before shutting down completely. If you notice that you are repairing the systems many times in a year, schedule a tune-up at Morrisville Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc in Cary, NC.

Homes and businesses should invest in reliable maintenance services for heating and cooling systems. If you might have gone for more than a year without maintenance, a professional maintenance service will help your get your system in order.

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