When To Call A Professional For HVAC Service In Colorado Springs CO

by | Oct 13, 2017 | Heating and Air Conditioning

The heating and cooling system in a home is one of the essential elements to keeping humidity and temperature levels comfortable through all types of weather. Mechanical issues can occur that leave the system inoperable, and this can lead to extremely uncomfortable situations and cause those who live in the home to be miserable. One of the best ways to prevent a full outage is to contact an hvac service in Colorado Springs CO at the first sign of trouble, so they can troubleshoot the issue and determine the best way to remedy the problem.

Low Air Flow

The air that is released from the vents of a heating and cooling system should remain at a constant pressure, which is what ensures air is evenly distributed throughout a building. If the air is moving at a lower speed or there is no air flow during operation, it is likely an issue with the fan motor or due to a clogged filter. Regardless of what the cause is, a technician will be able to conduct the necessary testing to determine the exact problem.

Loud and Unusual Noises

Most HVAC systems produce very little noise while they are running, but when loud sounds are detected, it is usually a precursor to more severe issues. It is typically recommended that a homeowner stop operating the unit immediately upon hearing the noises, and to contact an HVAC Service in Colorado Springs CO right away. They will be able to inspect the equipment and look for mechanical parts that are worn out and replace them to restore normal operation.

Ongoing Operation

A furnace is controlled by a thermostat that activates the air handler and heating components when a temperature change is detected. If a furnace is not cycling on and off but instead running continuously, it could be caused by mechanical issues. Only a certified technician will know how to successfully diagnose the problem and ensure that the machine just runs when needed, which helps prevent further wear and tear and an increase in utility bills.

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