Considering a Dog’s Need for Air Conditioning Repair in Derby KS

by | Oct 16, 2017 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Pet owners tend to love their companion animals and feel like they are part of the family. Even if nobody in the house particularly cares if a malfunctioning central air conditioner gets fixed, they might worry about an old dog with a lot of fur. Is that animal really uncomfortable on hot days? Does this justify paying for air conditioning repair in Derby KS?

The Health Consideration

Veterinarians agree that keeping pets comfortable in regard to temperature, especially as they get older, is important for keeping them healthy and happy. Elderly dogs with heart problems are more vulnerable to heat stroke, and those with short muzzles have a hard time doing enough panting to bring their body temperature down. Having central air repair performed by a company such as Kelley & Dawson Service might be considered an aspect of responsible pet ownership.

A Dog’s Comfort

A furry dog panting heavily because the interior temperature has risen toward 90 degrees Fahrenheit is probably not comfortable. Lying in front of a floor fan helps, but the canine companion would no doubt appreciate the temperature dropping to a more reasonable 78 or even 80 degrees.

A dog that must be crated due to destructive behavior when nobody’s home also can become uncomfortably warm because there’s not enough air circulation. And some homeowners are uneasy about leaving an electric fan running for hours while they’re at work.

Wild Canines vs. Domestic Dogs

Some individuals believe that since wolves and coyotes do well in hot temperatures, there’s no reason to feel that a golden retriever or German shepherd would have problems. However, they must understand that these canines are domesticated dogs and not wild ones. They eat an entirely different diet and have a completely different lifestyle. Especially if they have been accustomed to air conditioning in the past, it may be hard for them to adjust.

Ideal Temperatures

After Air Conditioning Repair in Derby KS, there’s no need to keep the interior temperature feeling like a refrigerator. Dogs generally feel fine with the thermostat set in the high 70s. That temperature will be more comfortable for the home’s humans as well compared with having no a/c at all.

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