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AC Contractors in Lakeland, FL Provide Total Maintenance Solutions for Keeping Your Home Cool

If you live in a place such as Florida, servicing your air conditioner becomes a priority. By keeping you AC running its optimum best, you will enjoy a cooler more energy-efficient home and prevent major repairs or breakdowns. When you choose to have your air conditioner maintained will depend on the type of AC, its size, and the available options.

Schedule a Tune-up at Least Once a Year

AC contractors in Lakeland, FL advise scheduling AC tune-ups at least annually. You should choose a time in the spring before the cooling season of the year begins. You can pay for a tune-up at the time of service, or set up monthly payments, whichever fits your budget. You can choose a more extensive inspection or opt for a basic plan. Again, you will need to see how much you can spend for maintenance.

For example, you may want to have your AC fully checked by scheduling three service tune-ups yearly. AC contractors will also calibrate the cooling and clean the coil and blower on the AC. You may also ask that the contractor perform an energy audit to see where you can improve your energy use. You need to focus on maintenance, as doing so can prevent three basic, but common issues. One of these issues is a burned-out capacitor.

Change the Filter Monthly When the AC Is Running

A capacitor stores energy and provides it to the fans. However, if it becomes overworked, it may overheat and stop working. An AC features two primary capacitors – one that starts the system and one that keeps it going. According to AC contractors, replacing the air filter is also important. Without the filter, certain AC parts will accumulate dirt and dust. When this happens, motors may burn out, the air flow may become impaired, or the evaporator coil may break down.

Who to Contact in Your Local Area

As you can see, maintenance should be regularly performed in air conditioning systems, especially in warm places such as Florida. To ensure your home stays cool and energy efficient, contact a company such as Price Busters Air today. Don’t wait until you have a major repair issue. Schedule routine maintenance and keep your AC system in working condition throughout the year. Like us at Facebook.