Residential Air Conditioning in St. Louis MO

by | Sep 2, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Staying cool during the summer can be a real struggle. Older AC units tend to have a little less than stellar performance. This means that once in a while they need to be serviced by a licensed professional. Most service providers recommend a semi-annual visit in order to keep the unit running strong all summer. Keeping the temperature low in a home shouldn’t be a hassle. Homeowners should know that once they turn down the thermostat, they will have a reliable performance from their AC unit. Regular service visits help assure this, but there are no guarantees, especially when it come to an older unit that hasn’t been maintained properly. If the home is a new purchase it’s important to call for Air Conditioning in St. Louis MO right away. It’s a good idea to have the unit evaluated as soon as possible in order to avoid waiting for service when temperatures start to rise.

These visits are about more than just keeping the unit running. Scheduled service visits can actually help homeowners save money on monthly energy costs. A well-maintained unit will run more efficiently. When a homeowner contacts their local service provider for Air Conditioning in St. Louis MO they aren’t spending money on a service, they’re saving money on energy costs in the future. Over time, the energy savings could end up paying for the cost of service visits. It’s like getting more out of an investment for absolutely nothing.

These visits should also include duct cleaning. Service providers such as Courtney’s Heating & Cooling are happy to offer duct cleaning as part of the visit. Clean ducts not only make it easier for the unit to cool the home, they provide cleaner air for everyone in the family. Best of all, if the unit is able to cool the home more efficiently, the monthly energy savings add up even more. Homeowners will be saving money and staying more comfortable throughout the summer season. The Service provider can be contacted by phone or online. The best thing to do is to schedule the visit ahead of time; this will help avoid waiting for service while other customers are taken care of.

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