Bad and Strange Odors: When to Call for HVAC Unit Repair in Pittsburgh PA

by | Apr 16, 2020 | HVAC

The primary function of a home’s HVAC system is to control airflow and air temperature -; not the odors in the air. As a result, homeowners may notice the air flowing from their vents smells a bit “off.” Some odors are harmless and temporary, while others may be irritating and indicate a serious issue with the system. Make sure to pay attention to these smells and call for HVAC Unit Repair in Pittsburgh PA right away.

Smoke Odors

Sudden or unexplained smells of smoke coming out of the air vents is virtually always a bad sign and may often be traced back to an electrical or mechanical issue with the AC unit. The various moving parts, such as the fan and motor have the potential to seize up, overheat or even catch on fire if the unit is maintained properly.

If a homeowner smells something burning and believe the smell is coming from the vents, then they should shut the HVAC system off at the thermostat and check the outside unit. If they smell or see any smoke coming out of the condenser, make sure to keep the system off and call for HVAC Unit Repair in Pittsburgh PA immediately.

Musty Damp Odors

If the smell coming out of the home’s vents smells like mildew or mold, then the bad news is that it is probably just what the problem is. Mildew and mold may form in the ductwork, and if the issue isn’t fixed, then it may begin to spread to other parts of the home. There are several reasons this issue may occur, including insufficient insulation, blocked drainage tubes and leaks in the home’s ductwork. It is crucial to fix the underlying issue before cleaning up the mold and mildew present.

When it comes to calling for HVAC repair, there are several indications to watch for. If the problem is a bad odor, it doesn’t hurt to call for an inspection. To learn more about HVAC Unit Repair Pittsburgh PA care and maintenance, take the time to Browse our website. Being informed is the best way to keep an HVAC system operating properly and efficiently.

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